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Chemistry - Second day’s CW assignment  Fall 2018

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When you are dismissed to a computer, go to our class website –    

You are now ready to do your assignment:

 Navigating my website to see homework assignments etc :


1.  (a) On the main menu (top of page, arranged horizontally) – hover over Homework, move down below horizontal line and

click Semester 1 / 1st Quarter”  >  “Week 1   In list of weeks, click Week 1”.   Scroll from the top to the bottom of this

web page.   Describe what you see:




    (b)  Click on one of the blue bars.  Now click on a different blue bar.  What happens when you click on a blue bar?


    (c)  Look at the right of the screen, just below the calendar.  Click on Show All Days.  Scroll top to bottom again.

Describe what happens on this page when you click on Show All Days s”?


2.  (a)  Click on 8/12/13 in the calendar in the top right corner of the page.  Next click on 8/14/13 .  In both cases, what did

          clicking on the calendar do?


    (b)  At the top of the page, just below the big blue box, you will see “bread crumbs” that look like this: 

          “Semester 1 > Quarter 1 > Week 1”      Click on Week 1 .  Which step above does this look like?

          Circle one answer:      1 (a)    1 (b)    1(c)

3.  Which method do you think you will use when you checking for your homework assignments?   Circle one:  1  2

          Why? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

4.  To print all HW pages for an entire week, either use method #1 above to display the week you want.  In the left column below

the list of weeks you will see a link Printer Friendly .  When you click that, all you have to do is print the page.

Describe what changes in the page called Printer Friendly, versus the way it looks at first.      ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
 How to get the On-line version of our textbook:


1.  Hover over Standard Stuff on main menu.  Go below the horizontal line and click Class forms and Charts .  Go

down to letter E, and the last line of that section is your link to get the textbook:   Chemistry – Matter & Change  

Click here is your link.  Were you able to get the PDF to open for Ch 3?                                               Circle     YES or  NO

If you got to the Ch 3 PDF file?  Were you able to scroll through 3-6 pages of this chapter.              Circle     YES or  NO



When you have completed this page, put it into the White Basket